Concessions at Red Bull Arena


Let’s cut right to the chase – what fan has time to run to concessions during a soccer match without the risk of missing a chunk of the action?

Like many sports, fans often wait for a break in play to run to the restrooms, grab a snack or snag a few beverages. But unlike many sports – American football, hockey, basketball, baseball – there is only one break in soccer, and it lasts only 15 minutes during halftime.

Red Membership Concessions, Section 124

Red Bulls Members are entitled to special privileges that will significantly cut down on the amount of time spent waiting for concessions.  Red Members will have exclusive access to Red Membership Concession area located by Section 124.  For Red, Yellow, and Blue Members, there are also a couple of Members Only portable concession carts located on the concourse level. To access these areas, you must use money that is pre-loaded onto your Members Card.

There are a couple of ways to load money onto your Members Card.  The first is by logging onto your online account manager through  There are also options to load money onto your card at the Arena on match days, with recharge stations on the concourse level by Gate A and Gate C and at the Guest Services window on the plaza level at Gate B.

So what is a Recharge Station?

This is where you can reload your Members Card via credit card or debit card in an effort to create smoother transactions at concession stands. All recharge stations will be accessible when the gates open (90 minutes before kick-off) and will remain open until the end of the match.

To learn more about the Red Membership and the rest of the Red Bulls Membership program, click here