'Bouna Time' is at 180 minutes

RBNY goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul earned two shutouts in two games

The Red Bulls are 180 minutes into the MLS season and goalkeeper Bouna
Coundoul has yet to pick the ball out of his own net.

late last season by New York, the Senegalese international faced some
stiff competition in the offseason from Danny Cepero and most recently,
former Toronto ‘keeper Greg Sutton.

Defender Mike Petke called
Coundoul “one of the best athletes” he’s played with or against.
MLSsoccer.com had a brief sit-down with Coundoul, in a place and a
state of mind we like to call “Bouna Time.”

MLSSoccer.com: With Seattle pressing for an equalizer, how scary was that second half?

It wasn’t that scary. A team that is down will need to press, press,
press for that goal but that leaves them open in the back. We held
tight, we kept our composure. We just didn’t want to lose our focus,
what we were trying to do. We knew they wanted that goal, but we
weren’t going to let them through.

You’ve now had an offseason with Des McAleenan, one of the best
goalkeeper coaches in the league. What have you seen change about your

Coundoul: Everything. Everything about my
game has improved. Communication, reflexes, shot-blocking and even my
composure has all gotten better working with Des. I’ve grown as a
player, especially since I started playing in the league with Colorado.
Back then, I was worried just about not giving up goals. Now, I want to
limit mistakes.

MLSSoccer.com:  On Saturday night against Seattle, you stopped taking goal kicks. Any reason why?

I have a bit of a knee problem and a problem in both of my ankles.
After that one kick that went wrong, I didn’t want to take any risks
and take a bad kick and then they [Seattle] counter and they score.
Mike [Petke] and Tim [Ream] back there said to me not to worry about
kicks, especially with the turf and all. But once we get back on grass,
I’ll be taking the kicks and you’ll be pleased with what you see.

MLSSoccer.com: What is the difference, as a ‘keeper, between playing on the turf at Giants Stadium and now, Red Bull Arena?

Coundoul: [Laughs]
You can’t even compare the two. Red Bull Arena, that grass is like a
luxury.  Giants Stadium, well, that turf wasn’t good at all. You can’t
really compare the two, at all, as a keeper.

Final Thought

Coundoul spends at least one half of the game in the supporters end of
Red Bull Arena, what are his thoughts on the fans and have they
developed a chant for him yet?

Former keepers for this
franchise had their own unique chorus lines from the Empire Supporters
Club following a save, including Tim Howard with a simple unison chant
inspired by South Park of “Timmmay!”

Walker gave rise to the song of “Johnny Walker saves his shots” and of
course “Red label! Black label!” Even Jon Conway had his “At a way
Conway, at a way!” How about Bouna?

“I hear a lot of ‘Bouna
Time’ coming from the fans and I’ve also heard some ‘Bouna take us
home’ as well,” Coundoul said. “The fans are great and I like getting
to know them. I hope my play excites them.”