Lindpere says Red Bulls midfield needs wor

The return of Carl Robinson should help a midfield under pressure

his postmatch comments following Saturday’s 2-1 win over FC Dallas, New York
Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe panned the effort in the midfield. Citing an
inability to hold possession, Backe compared the game’s up-tempo feel to a
basketball game. And he wasn’t pleased.

the Red Bulls head into Saturday afternoon’s fixture against Philadelphia
hoping to control the midfield and win the possession battle against the
expansion club. Backe stated on Tuesday that he is hopeful that midfielder Carl
Robinson, a second-half substitute against FC Dallas, will help solidify the
midfield and be a calming presence.

Robinson’s knee, injured in the late-March friendly against Santos, doesn’t
have significant swelling, then Backe is hopeful to see the former Welsh international
in the starting XI against the Union. 

said that the midfielder’s knee was drained of fluids on Monday and that he
will be watching to see how Robinson responds to training on Thursday and
Friday. If he does well, the player should be able to start against

night, the Red Bulls midfield struggled to control the ball and provided too
few scoring opportunities for their coach’s liking. Forward Juan Pablo Ángel
said that despite the struggles, “We’re still winning football games,” but he is
hopeful that with time, the attack will begin to come together.

a number of new players, there is also a new way and new shape that we’re
trying to play this year,” Ángel said. “We have not created the chances we should.”

team’s struggles were on both sides of the ball, so to speak. Defensively, the
midfield couldn’t contain the visitors’ attack. 
Joel Lindpere told that the team’s struggles were largely
due to the 4-5-1 formation employed by FC Dallas. The fact that the Red Bulls midfielders
were outnumbered overwhelmed them.

started off very well against Chicago and then at Seattle, we played what I
think was very well,” Lindpere told “Then against Chivas [USA]
and the last game, it wasn’t so good. We didn’t seem to be as strong in the
midfield or organized enough.”

his postgame press conference, Backe likened the first 10 minutes against FC
Dallas to the team being “paralyzed.” Simply put, Backe said the team has “to
start better.” It is a point not lost on the team, and Lindpere said that the
midfield worked on their organization on Tuesday in practice, in particular, their

who Backe said is the missing component to stabilizing the midfield, agreed.

Saturday, we were a bit too open as a team,” Robinson said. “We conceded too
many chances.”