Red Bulls close the market, ring NYSE bell

Angel, Petke, Stammler attend ceremony


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Some of the Red Bulls’ recent winning form appeared to rub
off on the market yesterday as the team rang the closing bell for the New York
Stock Exchange on Tuesday afternoon. Red Bull New York Managing Director Erik
Stover, players Juan Pablo Angel, Mike Petke and Seth Stammler and assistant
coaches Goran Aral and Richie Williams helped close the day’s trading with the
Standard & Poor’s 500 index up two points and the NYSE composite up 3.51

 “It was an experience,” said Angel, who was the designated “Gavel
Banger” at the bell podium. “This is a historical building and being in the
financial center of the world, literally, it’s incredible.”

The Red Bulls, who went on a tour of the trading floor prior
to ringing the bell and spoke to many individuals there, didn’t know what to
expect when they arrived and most were surprised by the relative calm of the
New York Stock Exchange.

“I was expecting to walk in and people throwing things,
screaming, you know, hand signs and just going nuts,” Petke, the “Bell Ringer”,
said. “But with all the technology and the year we’re in it’s a lot more
relaxed than I thought and people actually had a lot of time to talk to us
about that they do, which was fantastic.”

Stover agreed, adding, “Every step we took, a trader stepped
over and said, ‘We saw pictures of the new stadium,’ ‘I was at the first game,’
and that’s very impactful for us too see that what we’re doing is making an
impact around this region.”

Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe was scheduled to attend, but
could not due to his gallbladder procedure Monday. To watch the ceremony
online, log onto