Friday NY Gaffer: He's here—now what?

A look at the impact of Thierry Henry's arrival

Juan Pablo Angel and Thierry Henry talk shop

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Well, he’s here now.

Thierry Henry, one of the
biggest names in the sport, will forego the famed Barcelona kit for one
emblazoned with two bulls. Now a New York Red Bulls player, one of the
world’s most feared strikers will be terrorizing MLS backlines with his
pace and finishing. This franchise, and perhaps this league, might never
be the same again.

Four things to take away from Henry’s signing:

This isn’t a promotional ploy for a brand – Henry is a player who
is concerned about doing something special on the field and making a
connection with the American public, not someone who hopes to star in
movies or sell posters of himself. It is clear that the former World Cup
winner wants to win the hearts and minds of the American public for the
sake of the sport, viewing himself as an ambassador of the global game.

“I came to play football,” Henry said.

2. Bigger than
Beckham? – Yes, David Beckham was and is the biggest name in world
soccer, but Henry is a different type of a player. Here is someone who
has not only won in the Champions League, Premier League and La Liga, he
has also hoisted the World Cup trophy. Henry is respected as a player
who scores goals of all varieties and adds assists, too (somewhere, an
Irish fan is grimacing). He’s a difference-maker on the field who is
elite and truly world-class. Henry has built himself and his reputation
on the field as someone capable of brilliance.

3. Bigger than
Pele? – Yes, it might be ludicrous to say, but the signing of Henry
might be bigger than when Pele signed with the Cosmos in 1975. The
Brazilian’s inking a deal with the old NASL forever changed the sport in
this country – Pele layed the foundation for the sport’s growth in this
country. What Pele founded, Henry is now putting the roof on –
finishing the work that was started more than three decades ago. Henry
elevates this sport - he justifies it with his presence.

Angel gets his wings – Well, the saying goes that “Red Bull gives you
wings,” but for Juan Pablo Angel, he literally got his wings on
Thursday. The original New York Designated Player has been through three
coaches during his time here with the Red Bulls and finally has a
strike partner who can compliment him. After all the knocks and the
pressure of having to carry this team for so many years, Angel has the
help he needs.

“I’ll always admire him as a player,” Henry said
of Angel. “He’s a great goal scorer.”

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