Make Sure Your Seat Is Red

Can’t make a match? Be sure to TRADE, TRANSFER, DONATE, or RESELL your tickets so that another fan is in your seat cheering the team on. Making Your Seat Red helps to create the best atmosphere possible -- and also helps the team!



As a benefit of being a Red Member, you receive access to an expanded Ticket Trade program for the 2018 Season.  Red Members may exchange into or out of any of the 13 matches listed below.  

Listed below are the matches that are Ticket Trade eligible. Five (5) matches will be available to be exchanged into and out of at any given time. (For example, the eligible matches from between March 24 and May 26 will be available for trade at the start of the season. After the March 24 match passes, June 13 will become available.)


  • March 24 vs. Minnesota United
  • April 14 vs. Montreal Impact
  • April 21 vs. Chicago Fire
  • May 26 vs. Philadelphia Union
  • June 13 vs. Seattle Sounders
  • June 23 vs. FC Dallas
  • July 14 vs. Sporting Kansas City
  • July 21 vs. New England Revolution
  • July 28 vs. Columbus Crew SC
  • August 26 vs. DC United
  • August 29 vs. Houston Dynamo
  • September 22 vs. Toronto FC

Exchange Guidelines:

  • To exchange your tickets, log into and click on ‘Ticket Trade’
  • You can exchange into or out of the matches listed above only.
  • Each trade is subject to availability, so if you know that there is a home match you cannot attend, make the trade as soon as possible.
  • Tickets must be traded a minimum of (3) business days in advance of the match you will not be attending and the replacement match(es) must be selected at the time of the exchange.
  • For the match you want to trade into, we will do our best to place such traded seats as close as possible to your purchased Red Member seats.  We can move all your seats to be together as well.
  • If there are no seats available in your price zone, we will provide you with seats in the next available lower price zone.
  • You will be able to print your traded tickets from your Account Manager.  Traded tickets will not be available on your Members Card(s).
  • The Red Member Ticket Trade Program is for MLS regular season home matches only.
  • Tickets exchanged through the Red Member Ticket Trade Program will not be eligible for Members+ points.



Your online account manager can be accessed through the Red Bulls app or Members+ portal.  Once logged in, you can easily e-mail tickets to friends and family, print them out for yourself, donate them to a charity or re-sell them through TM+.

This service allows you to e-mail your tickets up to 90 minutes before a match’s start time, so you can still manage your tickets even if you have a last minute change to your plans.

Select PRINT AT HOME if you would like to print out the tickets to hand to someone or the TRANSFER TICKETS button to e-mail your ticket(s) to a friend or family member.

1. Log onto

2. Log into your account and select “Manage My Tickets”

3. Choose the match you’d like to manage in the “Select an Action” dropdown

4. Click on the tickets you want to transfer and hit the “Transfer Tickets” or “Print at Home” button

5. The tickets you’ve selected are now stored in your queue in the upper right. You can now select additional games or continue the process of transferring your tickets

6. When ready to transfer, click “continue” in your queue, and click “continue to transfer”

7. Enter your recipient’s information, and hit “Add”. Your recipient is now stored in your contacts, and you can select them to transfer tickets to

8. Confirm your email reminder and price options, and click “next step”

9. Confirm your transfer details and click “complete transfer”

Claiming Tickets
Once you have transferred your ticket(s), the recipient will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to claim the e-ticket.  To accept the e-ticket, they will need to log into their own account and print it out.  If the recipient doesn’t have a Red Bulls Account Manager through Ticketmaster, they will need to create one to accept the ticket(s).

If the tickets are not claimed:
If the tickets you sent are not claimed, you can log-back into your account and reclaim the tickets by clicking on “cancel offer” for that match.  This will load the ticket back onto your Members Card.  If the recipient has already claimed the ticket, the only way to get it back is to have the recipient send the same ticket back to you.



Donate tickets you can’t use to charity by selecting “Charity” for the desired tickets. Those tickets will be sent to Vet Tix, an organization that supports our troops by providing positive family and life experiences, during and after their years of service to our country.  ou’ll be able to choose from 2 charities to donate your tickets to:

  • Vet Tix, an organization that supports our troops by providing positive family and life experiences, during and after their years of service to our country. 
  • Tickets for Kids, charity provides free access to low-income and at-risk kids to the cultural, sporting, and educational venues of their community.

Tickets can be donated up to 3 days before the match.



Resell your tickets quickly and securely through your online account manager and Ticket Exchange. Only a couple of clicks are needed to post your tickets for resale