The New York Red Bulls Freestyle Crew School Initiatives include Anti-Bullying Programs, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Tips, Giveaways and Freestyler Autograph Signings.

Outline of the Program:

The New York Red Bulls is looking to engage with kids in the local community through tips and tricks at schools. Our talented Freestyle Crew will demonstrate their tricks and talent while telling stories about overcoming bullying and how they live healthy lifestyles.

At the end of the assembly, all of the audience members will have an opportunity to take home a signed autograph card from the freestylers and/or a picture. The assembly lasts for approximately 1 hour and can be performed for up to 300 students at a time. Performance may take place either in a gymnasium or auditorium. Our goal is to educate the students in order for them to live better and healthier lives while promoting anti-bullying!

The New York Red Bulls is looking to engage with kids at local summer camps through games and activities with our Freestyle Crew. We will bring our Freestyle Crew to your summer camp for 1-2 hours and provide fun games and activities for the kids. We also have the option of including our DJ. Some activities the kids can participate in include our very own RBNY One Touch, Wall Jam, or Upper 90! Overall, we want it to be an enjoyable and memorable day for the kids!

Interested in having the New York Red Bulls Freestyle Crew in your school? Please complete the request form, and expect a follow-up email in the next few weeks.