Meet The Crew

Meet the Crew


Featuring some of the country’s most prolific soccer freestylers, the New York Red Bulls Freestyler Crew has been wowing audiences for years. Comprising of members from across New York and New Jersey, our freestylers have been pushing the boundaries of what's possible with some skill and a ball. Combining street style with the gracefulness of soccer, the New York Red Bulls Freestyler Crew can be seen in The BULLevard at Red Bull Arena before every Red Bulls home match.


Juan Ramirez

  • Hometown: Cali, Colombia
  • Joined RBNY: 2006
  • Education: Hunter College
  • Instagram: @juantimefreestyle

David Pulecio

  • Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
  • Joined RBNY: 2013
  • Education: NJIT
  • Instagram: @davidfstyle

Gabe Luzbet

Hayden Criollo

  • Hometown: Union, NJ
  • Joined RBNY: 2014
  • Education: La Salle University
  • Instagram: @hay10en

Benny Kellman

  • Hometown: Long Island, NJ
  • Joined RBNY: 2007
  • Education: Binghamton University

Richie Lopez

  • Hometown: Harrison, NJ
  • Joined RBNY: 2006
  • Education: Berklee College