Red Bull Arena Events

Who we are:

Red Bull Arena is a full service event and catering facility dedicated to consistently providing high quality customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, high end event space and providing a lifetime of memories for your guests. 

The timing is right for this unique approach. High end meeting and event space is playing a larger role in how businesses, families and organizations entertain their guests. Red Bull Arena’s “Meet and Greets,” autograph sessions and premier catering are meeting the needs of hundreds of new clients annually. 

Companies and individuals have made a declaration to leave the 'mundane' Hotel Conference space behind for new and exciting events in professional sports venues nationwide. 

Weddings under the lights, cocktail parties on the field, and meetings in skyboxes are the "new black." 

What we sell

What is the difference between an event and an experience? Atmosphere. Whether you want a quiet, informal dinner or a luxurious extravaganza, Red Bull Arena will create the ideal setting to make your event an extraordinary experience. 

Events and Conferences Overview

The Events and Conferences group is dedicated to providing the very best experience for our customers whether it is for a Corporate Meeting, a wedding or your child's special birthday. We provide the very highest level of customer service in the following categories:

•Innovative spaces that can be utilized both day and night.

•Beautiful break out rooms

•Customer Care

•Customizable catering for all level events

•Suite and conference space designed to meet your needs

•Flexible room design

•Field Level Access

•Player appearances

•Field activities

Our arena is the cutting edge of the sports industry and is the bright shining beacon of a new era of events and conferences. We offer the personal touch that may be lost in bigger venues, and the customers leave with treasured memories of their day in the sun.

Walk slowly out of the tunnel. Squint your eyes at the emerald green of the grass. Hear the echoes of 25,000 seats. Smile as your guests as they marvel at the site!!!