Red Bulls Training Facility Opens

rbtf opens beam

On June 24, 2013, the Red Bulls opened their sparkling new, state-of-the-art Red Bulls Training Facility. The 15-acre center features three fields - two grass, one turf - and is comparable to the very best training grounds MLS or Europe has to offer.

The Red Bulls Training Facility includes a lounge area, cafeteria, fully-loaded gym, locker rooms for both the Red Bulls and a visiting team, and offices for members of the coaching staff and front office. Additionally, one of the grass fields (the center field) has a heating system underneath it that allows the club to train even when it snows.

Since opening in 2013, another grass pitch and building was added in 2017 for the Red Bulls Academy.

"Seeing the team take the field for the first time at the Training Facility was a culmination of 5 years of planning and 1 intense year of construction to provide the players with a professional world class facility with all the tools and amenities for success!  The Training Facility project was designed to evolve over time to initially accommodate the first team and then to expand to provide a permanent home for the Academy programs putting all of the Red Bull teams and programs in one location to leverage the synergies." - John Amorosa, Director of Construction