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Your Members Card is your ticket to get into Red Bull Arena, but it does even more than that!

For Red Members, the tickets for each match in your plan are electronically loaded to each Members Card prior to the start of the season.  To enter Red Bull Arena with your Members Card, simply hold the card stationary against the reader or insert the card into the reader at the entry gate.  If you are using a paper ticket, insert the barcode on the ticket into the reader.
Please remember that each fan must have their own corresponding Members Card present when entering Red Bull Arena for a match.  Each Members Card is valid for one admission into Red Bull Arena for each match.  Fans that have already entered Red Bull Arena with their card cannot pass their card to another fan for entry.
Red Members who print their match ticket in advance or load it to their phone for mobile entry through the online account manager void their Members Card for entry to Red Bull Arena for that specific match.
Load cash onto your Members Card to use at most concession locations for fast, easy transactions!
Loading Cash to Your Card (Topping Up)
Visit to load eCash to each of your cards using the "top up" feature.
Select the amount you would like to add to each card from the drop up menu and click "Top Up."
Update your billing information on the secure payment page and be ready to use eCash at Red Bull Arena concession stands and the Bullshop.
The maximum amount of eCash that can be on a MembersCard at one time is $500.
Auto Top Up 
Enable auto top up on each of your Members Cards to ensure that you never run out of eCash.
From the drop down menu, select the correct card and click enable Auto Top Up.
Choose the minimum amount of eCash on your card by selecting a Minimum Balance Threshold ($10, $30, or $40) from the drop down menu.
Select the amount to be automatically added to your card each time you reach your balance falls below your selected minimum balance threshold.
You will have to confirm your billing information for each card that is enabled with the auto top up feature.
A $1 test transaction will be made on each card to enable auto top up.
Checking Your eCash Balance 
The personal dashboard in your account will show the total balance of your eCash.
Card by Card balance is available in the My eCash section.
If you lose or misplace your card, there is $10 fee to have it reprinted.  Please contact your Member Services Representative directly or call 1.877.727.6223 to have your card replaced.