Mexican headlines for Rafa Marquez highlighted his desire to win titles with the NY Red Bulls

Márquez story as covered by Mexican media

NEW YORK – The Mexican press coverage of Rafael Márquez signing with the New York Red Bulls was surprisingly absent of any tones of rivalry or sarcasm that another of Mexico's most representative players had joined the top flight league of their archrivals:

Milenio: “He Never Thought About Mexico”

In an interview the defender considered that the “situation in Mexico is not the best,” and for this, and even though he wanted to be closer to his family, he preferred to play in MLS.

El Universal: “He Comes to Be a Champion”

The midfielder confirms emphatically that he did not go to MLS to retire; Márquez believes in the Red Bulls project.

Vanguardia: "He Will Be the Leader"

The Michoacán native was presented in his new home, where he assured that he arrives to bring his experience and hard work.

Record: "He Wants MLS to be European"

“I come to help this league be more competitive,” indicated the Mexican defender, who looks forward to the Latin community in the American league; he wants to be a holding midfielder. “Rafael Márquez will play midfield with the Red Bull of NY”

In a high quality presentation, Rafael Márquez was officially introduced as a new player for the New York Red Bulls, the team with which he will play with the No. 4 shirt, for now as a holding midfielder.

Reforma: "Total Change"

Red Bull presents Márquez; Rafa will play as a holding midfielder, not as a central defender.