Parking and Concessions at Red Bull Arena

For GPS Directions:
Red Bull Arena
600 Cape May St.
Harrison, NJ 07029

The Red Bulls are happy to announce a number of significant upgrades to concessions and parking this season ahead of the 2012 home opener. Read more to find out how your experience at Red Bull Arena has improved this season.


Let’s cut right to the chase – what fan has time to run to concessions during a soccer match without the risk of missing a chunk of the action?

Like many sports, fans often wait for a break in play to run to the restrooms, grab a snack or snag a few beverages. But unlike many sports – American football, hockey, basketball, baseball – there is only one break in soccer, and it lasts only 15 minutes during halftime.

Red Members in the Red Bulls’ Membership program are entitled to special privileges that will significantly cut down on the amount of time spent waiting for concessions. It’s a cashless system, based entirely off deposits made to the card at various “Recharge Stations” around the Arena.

Red Membership Concessions, Section 124

So what is a Recharge Station?

This is where you can reload your Red Membership via credit card or cash deposits in an effort to create smoother transactions at concession stands during half time. Four Recharge Stations have been placed along the concourse of the Arena, with an additional one available in Guest Services. All Recharge Stations will be accessible when the gates open (90 minutes before kick-off) and will remain open until the end of the match.

Once a credit has been loaded onto the Red Membership, fans can access the Red Membership Full Concession's area in Section 124.

To learn more about the Red Membership and the rest of the Red Bulls Membership program, click here 


While nothing guarantees a good parking spot more than arriving early, we’ve updated our Transportation HUB with two separate parking maps – one for season ticket holders and another that shows all available general parking lots around Red Bull Arena.

Keep an eye out for this sign while in the
IDT Garage to locate the nearest shuttle

If you are driving to the match, please follow the instructions of the traffic control officers located on the streets of Harrison. They will direct you to the nearest available parking lot, and your cooperation will help keep traffic running smoothly.

It likely goes without saying (but we’ll say it here anyway) – do not park in a spot if there is a sign that says you can’t park there. Additionally, don’t park on the streets of Harrison on game days, as city residents are required to show a permit. If you don’t have the permit, you will be towed. We know it may sometimes be hard to find your car after a match, but make sure your car is still where you left it by following these simple instructions. Otherwise you may keep looking for something that isn’t there…

IDT Parking Garage (Season Ticket Holder Lot)

The IDT Parking Garage (our Season Ticket Holder Lot) is located across the bridge from Red Bull Arena in Newark, right off Atlantic St. and Route 21. A free shuttle service is provided for all season ticket holders who park there before and after the match. The total number of shuttles has doubled in size since 2011, so fans can expect smoother and faster service. The fastest way to find the nearest shuttle is to follow signs for the Transportation HUB and to keep an eye out for one of the many yellow schoolbuses. As always, you may reference the STH Parking instructions on our Transportation HUB.

While this is not a required lot for season ticket holders, this is the one where you can secure your own spot for the full season at a discount price.

General Parking

A number of lots around Red Bull Arena provide parking options during the day of a match. Congestion on match day is highly likely, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to find your way to a lot so you make it to your seat in time for kick off. Again, not only do we recommend that you show up early to guarantee a great spot, but come early and take advantage of all the great activities we have lined up for you in our Interactive Zone out front of the Arena on Riverbend.