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Henry Honored at 15th Annual Lycée Français de New York Gala

Red Bulls star forward, and current captain, Thierry Henry was honored at the 15th Annual Lycée Français de New York Gala on March 2nd for his legendary international career in soccer. This year’s gala was called “L’esprit d’équipe - For the Love of the Game.”

Henry received the Charles de Ferry de Fontnouvelle award, named after the school’s founder, for his record-breaking career and commitment to promoting diversity and fighting racism in professional sports.

During a Q&A session, Henry spoke about his father’s influence on him, his upbringing, love for the game, his work to end racism and sexism in the game, and winning the 1998 World Cup.

“When you play the game, the game that you love, I didn’t want the game that I love to be spoken about in a bad way. That was one of the main reasons why I wanted to raise awareness [about racism in the game]. You also need to do something while you’re active to make sure that the generation that’s coming after won’t suffer of it.”

“I think it’s not acceptable to see what the players have to go through sometimes because of their color, or sometimes female players because it’s supposed to be a “man’s” sport. It’s just a sport, everybody’s supposed to play it and enjoy it. I always say that for me the most important thing is to let the kids dream."

Watch the full Q&A session here: