JESSE MARSCH: Champions League Leg 1 Reaction

Select quotes from Jesse Marsch's press conference...

On how the score line affects the strategy for next week:

Yeah, I mean, obviously the score line is important when you’re at halftime which is where we are. We have to go there and score. We know that, but you know we always go on the road and look to be the aggressor. It shapes up for another interesting game, because I think they’ll be some tentativeness to both teams and some conservative approach, but you know the game I think will take some twists and turns as it moves on and I think it sets up for a very interesting second leg. Certainly we’re going to go there and try to put the game on our terms like we always do and go after them and you know I thought, I knew this was setup to be a dangerous game for us because Vancouver likes to sit back, they like to defend, it’s easier to do those things earlier in the season because teams aren’t quite sharp, because we’re not quite sharp enough, we’re not able to capitalize and take advantage of certain situations; then we go down a goal off a set-piece, which we knew would be important, and then we had to push the game. Given everything, I was really happy with the second half. I thought that we actually looked quite good, we were brave and we were more decisive going after the game. That part was good, so we came out of halftime, obviously we missed a penalty but still kept pushing the game and ultimately – given everything – it’s not a terrible result so we’ll be ready for next week.

On if there was frustration in the locker room:

Yeah, it reminds me a little of our first game against Toronto last year at home here, where we had a lot of the possession, we were creating a lot of half-chances, but we weren’t sharp enough on the day and at the end of the game we let two plays slip and we end up walking away from that game losing two-zero going ‘how the heck did that happen?’ Again, for me the overall response in the second half was real positive and we showed some real good moments. We were pretty sharp, we were pretty dangerous, and a little unlucky not to fight more out of it. I think we’ll look at that second half and use it to build on for next week.

On playing the first leg at home after being the higher seed in MLS playoffs the last two years:

Not sure? Yeah, listen it’s a little different as well because it’s the first game of the year versus the end of the year and it has a totally different feel to it. Both teams are really excited about this tournament and if we’re a little bit sharper on some plays around the goal then I think we could’ve easily managed to find a lead and expand upon it. It didn’t go that way so now we’ll have a chance, Vancouver is always good at home, it’s a tough place to play and we’ll go there and we’ll throw everything at them. It should be set-up for a really fun match.

On the formation change:

Yeah, you know we were, I didn’t feel like first half we gave much away, as usual you see that there are some counter-attacks in there; especially when we play at home because we have the ball a lot and we’re trying to probe and find chances and then if you lose balls and aren’t controlling the spaces in the back you can set-up the other way. You know I think, you could see some really good moments I think with Gonzalo and Brad and then trying to get Sacha involved. Overall, I thought it’s a day that doesn’t come down to tactics as much as just the flow of the game, going after the game the right way and then making a couple plays.


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