JESSE MARSCH: Champions League Leg 2 Postgame

On missed chances

“Certainly there were opportunities that went missing, but I think more so than that, there’s the first part of how the game’s played out. They get the lead in each game, they get an early goal, they have good starts, and then they’re able to really keep themselves compact and defend and make it hard for us to break them down, and then look to catch us on the counter. If you play this team and you give up an early goal lead, you’re going to have a hard time because they’re good at protecting a lead and they’re good at defending deep and in a block. The other part for me is that they deserved the win and to move on in many ways. I think their guys were really up for the challenge. They fought and battled, and 50-50s, and tackles, and fouls. Listen, they made the game ugly at some points, but they showed how much they were willing to fight for every play, and we didn’t meet that standard enough. We let ourselves down in that way. Congratulations to Vancouver. For me, it’s hard to lose this game because we really wanted to represent MLS moving on to the semifinals, but in all ways we’ll cheer for them and hope to see them and Dallas in the final together.”
On having a big quarterfinal to start the season

“It’s great to play meaningful games before the season starts, in terms of being prepared for the season. We’ve got a tough turnaround on Sunday; we’ve got to get back quick across the country to play in a game which the Atlanta franchise is really excited about. I think that having two really competitive games under our belt will make us better for the start of the year, and I hope we learn from these experiences and are more prepared for what real games look like.”
On Alphonso Davies

“The kid was great. He was dangerous all night, tough to deal with in one-v-one situations, fought hard. The kid did great. He was fun to watch. I wish we would have dealt with him a little bit better, but congratulations to him and you guys have a fun player to watch here. He did really well.”
On heading to Atlanta

“We’ve got to get over the disappointment of how the game went, and I think we’ve got to have a chip on our shoulder a little bit for coming up so short and losing the edge physically. We’ll have to make that when we go to Atlanta that with all the different things that we’ll try to emphasize with what that game will be about that we’re up to just physically put more into it.”


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