LUIS ROBLES: Champions League Leg 2 Postgame

On the result

“This is tough because it’s the beginning of the season, you don’t want to get overly concerned with the results. However, this group’s been together with some of these guys for over two years, and today is the culmination of the body of work over those two years. We qualified by winning Supporters Shield in 2015, we navigated through the group stage in 2016, so for us this is a big moment. As a group, when we look at some of the biggest moments we’ve been in, it just hasn’t been good enough. I think this is one of the most obvious challenges for the group this year, is to not only finding ways to be successful during the regular season, but when the biggest moments come around. How can we as a group not only be up for the challenge, but be the best group of guys out there.”
On turning the page to playing Atlanta on Sunday

“I haven’t turned the page yet. Obviously the game just ended, and as I reflect on the journey to get to this point, what I’m feeling right now is utter disappointment. I know that when we get on the plane and we try to regroup for Atlanta tomorrow, there’s some things that we have to examine, that we have to get better at. But as far as today’s performance, the last two weeks as a group, there’s a lot of disappointment. It’s a bit naive how we came out into this game and gave up a goal right off the bat, which is going to make the challenge even more difficult, because of the way that they play. Yet, here we are, out of the tournament, out of the competition. And sooner or later, tomorrow at least, we have to set our sights on the regular season.”
On what the team needs to improve on

“Obviously with the condensed preseason it’s going to be a real challenge to find sharpness, fitness, and collective effort as a group. However, Vancouver is in the same situation, and they found a way to get two results. As we look forward to the season, we know that there’s going to be a lot of challenges, but as I previously mentioned, I think for this group our biggest challenge is how we can find the right mindset, the right individual performances and the right group performance, that when it comes to the biggest moments, we come out with the victory.”


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