POSTGAME: Jesse Marsch's Press Conference

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch


Q. Congratulations, Jesse. Tim Howard literally stands on his head and stops you with every important shot into the net, stops the leading goal scorer from last year three times, and you score a single goal. How do you process things like that? Is it things coming out in the wash? Things evening up for you?

JESSE MARSCH: You know, I know Tim well from my days with the National Team, and I've seen enough of him to know how good he is and how talented and athletic. He's a big-save keeper. So I wasn't surprised to see that.


I thought the first one on Brad was very good today. Then we've scored like a couple own goals from good crosses and good early crosses and runs in the box. So, I mean, that's the whole point of trying to put in early balls on the ground because it puts defenders in situations that are difficult.


So we've been rewarded with two own goals here in the first two games. As the season goes on, I think we'll get sharper and better, and we won't need to count on own goals as much. But, yeah.


I think Brad will get sharper as time goes on, which we all know, and the goals will start coming from him. But great game from Tim Howard today.


Q. Today was Derrick's first start up top with Bradley. I was wondering if you could talk about how you feel he did and what he brought to the game?

JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, I thought overall he was solid. He was aggressive to run, to be a threat to get behind, he was aggressive to press. I thought physically in his part of the field he won a lot of battles. He was really close to having a couple plays almost come off for him. So overall I was pretty pleased.


He's had a really good preseason. He's had a really good start to the season. So we think he'll be a guy that we can continue to count on.


Q. This is a question about (Indiscernible)? 

JESSE MARSCH: Well, we think -- listen, there's Gonzalo who has been here for a while and we think fits well into our system like this and he could partner with Brad. He could also play in the midfield spots, and part of the reason to bring in Fredrik Gulbrandsen in here is because we think he could be a really good partner for Brad. Sometimes we'll use Sacha up there, which we've done already. Sometimes we'll play with two, sometimes we'll play with three.


And I think the ability for us to make changes within the game from personnel perspective and from tactics perspective means that we can unb