Postgame: Head Coach Jesse Marsch on #SEAvNY


On the game:

“I don’t think we played very well. I don’t think we had very many individual performances that were good, and then collectively, that meant that the game just slipped away from us too much. Then we made bad mistakes that cost us on goal. If you have a day when you go on the road against a good team and you don’t have any good individual performances and then you wind up making grave errors and mistakes that gives the other team goals, then you have a recipe for a loss. That’s what today was. Listen, it’s early in the year, so not everyone is at their sharpest and best yet, but we’ve got to find a way, with the weather back home and everything else we’ve got going on, to get ourselves sharp and better so that we’re able to perform better.”

On any adjustments they may have made on Jordan Morris at halftime: 

“In the first half, we had too high of a line, so it meant that [Morris] was able to run in behind us a little bit too much. That’s the function of what he does – he tries to run on the line and he’s powerful and quick. I felt like until 1-0 that there wasn’t a whole lot of danger, then we gave them a goal. Even if we could’ve played a little bit better in the second half, the game was there for us. We even get the tying goal and still can’t manage to really get ourselves into the game.”

On what changed after the tying goal:

“They raised their level a little bit. Once it got 1-1, either one team or the other is going to be able to push a little bit more. You would’ve hoped that it would’ve been us now that we had some momentum, but because we just weren’t any good on the day, it was hard to command the game.” 

On where the game plan may have fallen apart:

“There are two parts to it. With the ball, we weren’t sharp enough and able to make enough plays to create advantages. Then with our pressing, the amount of times guys were able to dribble out of two or three players and start to create advantages because we let them out of tight spots meant that we had to deal with numbers up, numbers down situations, and counters in attacking plays. If we could win more of those balls, then we could actually set ourselves up to have more advantages the other way. We have to be better at our pressing and forward defending and then have to be better in possession.” 

On having the team’s 18-game unbeaten streak snapped:

“It’s never really been about the wins or the streak as much as it’s about trying to figure out how to get better every day. We never even talked about it actually. Not one time as a team did we ever talk about the streak. This group has been solid and has been good for two-plus years, so I’m not going to get too down on the performance other than just to now encourage our guys to have urgency in training every day to make sure that we’re getting what we need out of it so we can move ourselves along."