Postgame: Sacha Kljestan on #SEAvNY


On the game:

“I just don’t think we played good enough. I think we were not good enough on the ball; our spacing, our movement is just not at the level we need to be right now to win games on the road. I think tactically we are pretty sound. So that helps us stay in games, but right now we are not sharp enough, not creating enough goal scoring opportunities.”

On being called to the National Team:

“I am excited. Any time you get called to the National Team it is a special honor. It is the biggest honor in our country to play for the National Team as a soccer player. I’m excited to get there. Obviously we are in a pretty difficult spot right now having started with zero points in our first two games so we have to get some points out of these next two and I’m here to help however I can.” 

On the new formation:

“We are getting there week-by-week. We focused a lot on the tactics. Now I think we need to turn a little bit more towards being better on the ball, just being a better passing team especially in a game like today where there was a lot of space to play. We were not able to carve out enough chances. But so far so good we are getting there. It is early in the season but we are getting there.”

On the Sounders:

“The Sounders are good. Coming at home for their first game of the season to play in front of their fans to unveil their banner from their championship season, it was obviously going to be a difficult game. There was definitely space to play. Like I said, we could have been a lot better and carved out more chances if we were just a little bit sharper on the ball. Obviously the attacking trio of Dempsey, Morris and Lodeiro is one of the best in the league. It is difficult to deal with. Lodeiro was able to float around the field everywhere and create a lot of chances today.”