Press Conference: Jesse Marsch on #NYvRSL

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

Q. Jesse, obviously it wasn't a bad match, but not having Sacha due to international duty, it looked like it was a little bit challenging out there for the guys on the offensive end?
JESSE MARSCH: Well, I mean, listen, Sacha's a huge player for us in terms of creating chances, but we had plenty of chances. We had plenty of chances. Like I said last year, we're going to come together, we're going to score goals. It's taking a little bit of time, but we all know what we have here and that it's going to come together.

So, I could go back and say that again. Listen, it would have been nice to get a win tonight and three points because it continues to give us time to feel good, and feel positive energy with everything coming together, and knowing that it will come around eventually. We didn't manage to do that, but I still feel like there's a lot of good performances on the day.

I feel like Connor Lade came in and for 60 minutes was pretty much our best player. Played very well. I thought Aaron Long played really well. Kemar Lawrence comes back and does fairly well. Tyler Adams, thought Tyler Adams was very good, and Felipe's been very good all year.

So there are still plenty of positives to take away from it. It's just you feel like you let two points slip away.

Q. Another game where you started in the four-two-two-two, and ended up in the four-two-three-one. Can you talk about how come you don't stick with the four-two-three-one at the beginning of the match, considering how many more chances you got in the second half tonight or today?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, well, I feel, listen, in the Atlanta game, we didn't go to three. We stayed with two the whole match, and then some of these other games, we feel like given what the game is like, teams are making decisions to not allow us to not play. So Salt Lake on the day says we're just going to kick the ball up the field every time.

What's that do? That means some of our pressure and our pressure tactics don't ever get rewarded because it's not part of the game. Then it becomes often a battle of second balls, and then if we don't feel like our two strikers are doing enough to come underneath to start to pick up balls, then the way to deal with that is to maybe put another one in there. Then in addition, if now we're trying to break things down and we're not getting Sacha on the ball enough. Or in this game, we feel like we need one more guy that in the final third can piece together a play. If on the day it's Felipe, then that will be a tactical adjustment we can make.

There will be games we start with three, I promise you that. But it's about now trying to figure out given the day and given our personal, and what we're working on and what we're working through, what we think is the best. Not getting the result tonight or the three-points for me has nothing to do with two or three. It has to do with just now not taking our advantages well enough.

Q. Coach, what are your thoughts on being one of the six teams to play a game during an international break?
JESSE MARSCH: I don't like it. I don't understand it. These are things for you two ask the league. There's often things that I don't quite get. But in the end, it's okay because it gives us a rhythm right now of playing games, but, yeah, I'd much rather have both teams be able to have their full complement of players.

Q. In having given the starting nod to Tyler Adams, what do you think he brings to the midfield as opposed to Sean Davis?
JESSE MARSCH: I won't compare the two. I'll just talk about Tyler, okay? And I'll say that Tyler is tenacious in there. He's aggressive. He's confident on the ball. He's still, I think, that's the thing that he's still developing is the savviness and sense of how to move around with the game and set plays up in front of him. But I thought overall that was pretty good tonight. He wins his duels. He's fast in there,


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