Press Conference: Jesse Marsch on #NYvCLB

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

Q. Second straight shutout, how comfortable are you feeling? You said you wanted to stick to the plan, but how much more confidence does this give you guys that you've been able to pull these two results off consecutively?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, I mean, the group has stuck together, has fought hard, has continued to get better each game. Has continued to get better each day, and ultimately that's what this takes.

So it's not about one result or two results or five results or one year. It's about over time, having a process of understanding how to commit to getting better. And we have that here. It's not just one or two players; it's literally a whole group, and you can go down to the USL team, the commitment that we have as an organization to find ways to grow and get better.

Still early stage of the season, but eight games under our belt, I feel like now we're getting to the point where we're starting to see ourselves get better every day. And listen, this was always going to be a good game. It was always going to be a tough game. When we play Columbus, they stylistically challenge what we do. They are good at what they do. The challenge for us is to be really good at what we do.

When we did do -- when we were tactically sound and when we did press together, we were able to create many chances but when we were a little bit off, they started to put little plays together that would exploit our pressing.

So it makes it a day for running. It makes it a day for staying tuned in and alert. It makes it a day for competing and it makes it a day for finishing off plays.

Overall, high marks for a lot of guys on the field, and I feel like we took another big step forward today.

Q. This is Alex's second time he's scored in two straight. Has his positioning gotten better towards goal since you put him back to the starting 11?
JESSE MARSCH: I think, yes, the answer is yes. I think he put himself in a position to score that first goal. You know, a little unlucky not to reward himself with the second. When the ball get wide, always trying to find ways to get our attacking players to commit to running hard in the box. And then, you know, also delivery. So Kemar put a really good ball in there that challenged their back line.

But yeah, I think Alex, this will definitely help him with confidence around the goal and I think we'll continue to see the quality come. And you know, that's the other part is that he emptied his tank tonight. We had a lot of guys that really emptied their tank at the highest level, and we knew that's what it was going to take.

Q. Crew SC were in first place coming in. They play really well and keep the ball up but you were able to disrupt them and keep their midfield from doing much. Particularly Adams, who had a tough assignment. He seemed to deal well, and when you saw Artur come out, he's been big for them. Did you get a sense that they might struggle without him there?
JESSE MARSCH: Well, the first part is that, yeah, we knew that a lot of the -- so what happens with them is they like to go to one side and then they like to come through the middle, and they need those three guys in the middle to start to space themselves and create passing lanes. And then they like to exploit the weak side, and they overload the weak side and then try to put balls back across and Ola Kamara running in the box. That's a very effective way to play for them, and they are very good at it.

And they -- if our press isn't good, then they can -- and on the weak side, they really can have space and they can have time to run, and that's what really challenges us.

So it requires our midfielders to now really be compressing the field and knowing where their important players are, and it requires our front three to be coming back into the game and help compress the field and it require


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