Press Conference: Jesse Marsch discusses #NYvCHI

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

Q. The way it looked out there, I know it's only two months into the season, but did this feel like a midseason match, end of the season match for points that you really need to get out?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, I think there's a number of factors. Obviously Dax coming back brings a lot of energy to the game. And then, you know, they have done well this year and they want to establish themselves as a better team.

So a big part of that includes being good on the road, which in their recent history, it's been difficult for them. So they came here and they knew that we've been good at home and they have spoken highly of us, which we appreciate, but we knew that we were going to get a really good effort from them, and they came in and played, you know, gave us a run for our money and had some good moments.

So yeah, it had a high-energy feel to it, and that's the best. That's what makes this job great is when you have these kind of games that even earlier in the year, that feel like big games. So overall, I thought that that was good for us and good for the game.

Q. You guys kind of came out a little bit slow, looked nervy at times. Was it the occasion, the size of the match, or the importance of the match?
JESSE MARSCH: Well, I think, you know, it was partly the energy of the match, but I think that, you know, it was just not making sure that we were clear on the day what was going to make us successful. I thought we made some adjustments at half for that, and I thought we were a little more aggressive to play forward in the second half.

But there was a moment in there before the goal, their goal, that they were able to possess a little bit and pull us from side to side. That happened. This was their tactic, and their tactic was to either play up to Connor Lade and try to win that aerial dual and pick up second balls or at all costs, blindly switch the ball. We've seen it before. We know that's a potential tactic against us, and for the most part we did okay with it but there were some points where they were pulling us apart.

Q. Can you talk about what this game meant to you, because I never saw you fired up like today. You were like running and holding your hands and doing a lot of stuff I haven't seen you do before.
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah (laughter) the last couple games, because tactically there's a lot going on in the game, I felt like I've been up off the bench yelling more, just trying to make it clear to guys. I prefer not to do that. I prefer not to do that.

But if you feel like that's important to try and help the guys within the game, and the last two halves, I've talked a lot about tactics and a lot about little adjustments to make so that we could be better. And so usually, if I'm not yelling at the refs, that's what I'm trying to get the word out to the team.

So yeah, you know, I felt that this game was really important from a points perspective because we got two big, tough games coming up on the road and to get this three points at home was going to help us continue to have momentum.

Q. Regardless of the circumstances, do you think that there sometimes is a tendency, too much of a player, either coming or going, that it might be more the fans than perhaps you and the rest of the players?
JESSE MARSCH: Listen, in terms of Dax's role in tonight, and role with the fans, like you know, this is what it should be. I think that's what it should be. There should be an attachment to big players that have been in the club, and obviously the club always comments first.

But there's strong relationships that have been built over time. You know, this club has a lot of big faces and big names that have been a part of it, and the fans should enjoy those players and always treat them like they are family. So that's important.

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