Postgame: Sacha Kljestan on #NYvLA

On the importance of today's match:

"It's a bit bizarre to me, I can't really figure it out. We talked all week about being us, and doing what makes us so good, especially when we're at home, and in the first ten minutes, we come out and play like an amateur team. It's hard to explain. I think some guys are lacking confidence right now and aren't confident on the ball."

On how to motivate the team this week:

"It's going to take some looking in the mirror at myself to do what I can do to rally the guys. We have to bounce back, we have a big game Friday against probably the best team in the league right now so it's going to be very difficult. No matter how good we play on Friday, it's going to be a long 90 minutes and a very tough game, but the good news is we're back at home, and we always seem to bounce back when we're at home."

On speaking to the team during the match:

"At halftime I said, 'we can't waste a second in this second half, we have to use every ounce of us to try and get us back in this game, win every battle physically, try to create chances. Unfortunately we couldn't do it, Jesse was hard on us at halftime, and I told the guys it could have been ten times harder because it was a bit embarrassing the way played today."


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