POSTGAME REACTION: Luis Robles | 08/12/17

New York Red Bulls Goalkeeper Luis Robles

On Orlando’s Game:

Well, they’ve got some good attacking pieces and we also didn’t have to go up against one of their newly acquired pieces. With that being said, it’s also pretty tough to play against us and we knew that if we could force them into turnovers, it was going to create good attacking opportunities for us and I think that’s what happened tonight.

On Murillo’s Performance:

I thought this was, by far, his best game. He’s a player that we have very high hopes for. It seems like with each passing game, his performances get better and better and if you look at his age and his experience this far and he’s already playing past it. Whether we put him at the right-center or on the outside, he’s going to be tough to play against. If you look at the way he tracked down their attackers in some of these plays, it shows why we have a lot of confidence in him.

On Cincinnati:

It’s a huge game for this organization. It’s a huge game for this group of guys. So, we know that recovery is important right now because we’re going to have to fly out on Monday and we know, with a sold-out crowd, they’re going to be up for it. So, we’re not taking this game lightly and we expect the best available eleven from them and we expect them to really bring the game to us.


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