POSTGAME REACTION: Sacha Kljestan | 08/12/17

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Sacha Kljestan

On their run:

I think we’ve found the formation that put our guys in positions to succeed and we have a little more clarity now, and I think we also cover ourselves a little bit more when we press. We have a little bit more cover defensively and in the attacking third I feel like we have a little bit more clarity and I think we have a lot of whip now, which we didn’t have before, so all those factors have led to our success lately.

On his match:

Sometimes, little moments in games can spur guys on. I think a little bit of frustration, getting tackled, getting fouled, it was a little bit of a chippy game. But, I think we got all fired up and then we all got behind each other and we all stuck behind each other. I think that’s a sign of a good team. I said this week was going to test our character very much. I meant more the Cincinnati game and then going to Portland after but this is a good start.

On the Team’s confidence after the match:

Well, when you start winning obviously, confidence starts to get very high. We see a different Sean Davis now than we have early in the season, he’s been very key for us. I think Alex Muyl has done a very good job at playing as one of the wingbacks but also as one of the interior midfielders now that Danny Royer has been injured. Then, I think you see guys like Gonzalo who can still make a difference coming off the bench. A lot of guys, I can name every player on the roster whose playing better now than they were at the beginning of the season.