POSTGAME REACTION: Sean Davis | 08/12/17

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Sean Davis

On importance of tonight’s win:

Yeah I think it’s a really important time of the season. The East is extremely competitive this year. You need every point you can get and we knew that going into this game that three points would be huge, you know, going against Orlando who is a very good side and fighting for the playoffs. Our mindset this week was to take it one game at a time and tonight was our first game.

On his goal:

We’ve been talking about throw-ins the whole year, you know, both offensively and defensively and how dangerous they can be on both sides. For me, I just saw some space around me, Kemar had a good throw-in to me, I was able to turn, get out of some pressure, and then Jesse stressed at half time to shoot. So, that went through my mind and I just tried to bend it outside of the post, like I practice all the time with Chris Armas.

On the altercation toward the end of the match:

It’s always a balance, you know, standing up for your teammates but also knowing not to cross the line. I think tonight was a good experience for everyone on the field because, you know, there were some testy moments. They were obviously frustrated with the result and they were very upset. At the same time, I think they were going after our guys a little bit. I remember on that play specifically, one of their players went after Tyler and it was instinct to look out for him so that was important to me.


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