PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesse Marsch | 08/15/17

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

JM: “This club (FCC), what an incredible environment, what an incredible performance, a great run for this team, their well-coached, organized, fight, commitment, belief, all the things that good teams are about and we escaped by the skin of our teeth on a night that was as big as it was for them, it was big for us as well. So much credit goes to them, I hope, I heard that the MLS Commissioner was here tonight so I hope would hope that he takes notice of what’s going on here and I’ll tell you what, I don’t think it’ll be too long before we’re back here again playing in more meaningful matches. Congratulations to FC Cincinnati.

Ten years since club last reached Cup final, how important is this moment?

JM: We’ve had a good two and a half years, this club. We’ve been very successful, we’ve had a good run but ultimately teams and players are judged by championships and you know that’s something that’s been barren in this club and when I first was brought in here to do a job it was to try and create a championship environment and ultimately to win championships so for us to take a huge step for us to get to a final, it’s a big moment for us, you know the energy in the locker room and the people within our club, it’s at an all-time high and I think there’s almost disbelief. I’ve got to remind everybody that we’ve got more work to do but the feeling right now is one of euphoria and we can use this to continue to galvanize our team. I’ll say this, no one wants to give this group credit and or acknowledge that they’ve been a good team especially in the last two to three months. No one wants to tip their hat to what’s been happening here at Red Bull and the only way to force people’s hand is to win so for us again, I think it’s a really big moment, we always try and let our work do the talking and we’ve got one more really big step to put a stamp on a lot of things that have been done at Red Bull.

With all attention on Cincinnati, did that give chip on shoulder coming in?

JM: Listen, we love underdogs, we all do and what a great story Cincinnati has been so we didn't take it as a slight in those terms. We even talked about it before it’s not that. We knew that we were in for a tough game, we knew that with the way Cincinnati was going to play if we made one slip-up it could cost us the game. We did in the first half, we made a mistake and they punished us and then we also knew they’re 10-0-3 when they score first. At home they’ve been very good, when they score first they’re unbeatable so in this tournament they hadn’t given up a goal so like we didn’t underestimate them, we knew were in for a tough match, we knew they were well-coached and well-organized and it was just about our ability to stay after the game and feel like we can overwhelm them over time so It wound up working that way and we took the hard route but I think our team showed some character in a big one.

Saluting home supporters is not common, was this one that special that you felt the need to?

JM: “The atmosphere was electric, as good as I’ve seen anywhere, and I referenced this yesterday but right now the momentum in our sport is incredible, incredible so I’m glad that the people of this city have recognized that having a team here has been good, has been really fun, has been entertaining that the sport is growing. I think that Cincinnati would be a feather in the cap of MLS, I really do. You know there’s talk about having your own stadium and if you can create any kind of environment like that on a weekly basis, you’re going to have a good team, you’re going to create an environment where player