PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesse Marsch | 09/27/17

JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, everybody's obviously feeling disappointed and gutted. They fought back so hard to get themselves back into it, and ultimately earn the win, and then we give it away.

But I just walked in here looking at the stats, and it's the same story. Outplaying a team, outshooting them, being more dangerous, but giving away the most ridiculous goals. That's not lucky. That's not good enough. So on one level we have a good team. On another level, we're our own worst enemy. We're our own worst enemy.

Q. Secondly, obviously, the own-goal… what do you tell Fidel about that situation? Do you try to give him confidence?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, listen, he has to maintain confidence. He's a good player but he's been involved in too many goals. Listen, you can go across our back line and talk about it lately. We've played a lot of games and we've given up too many goals. He's got to find a way to clean that up, period.

Q. This team hasn't won since August 15th. Hasn't won a league match since August 12th. Do you have a pulse on why some of these individual break downs keep happening and some of the mistakes from a team that's pretty much a veteran group?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, well, I don't, to be honest. There's little things tactically that sometimes we can be a little bit better. But, again, we're commanding every game we play. Every single game we play, we're pretty much controlling the game the way we want to control it. But we have to work so hard for our chances, and then when we do score, it seems like we find ways to literally just give goals away. Until we come up with a better solution that involves dealing better with moments in both boxes, we are going to be continuing to kick ourselves. So that's where we're at.

Q. Going from sort of bottom of the table from an improving D.C. team to the top of the league at Toronto on Saturday, what do you think the team has to do to sort of regenerate and take on that team?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, we have to find a way. It's one of these games where it's probably best to play again right away because the feeling is so sickening. So we have to regenerate. We have to find a way to put fresh legs on the field. It's the best team in the league at their place. It won't be easy. So, you know, we've got to get back on the horse. Back on the horse and go after it again.

Listen, that's where, on one level, you have to admire this team because of their fight and their grit, and the way they stay after things and believe in each other, and the way they play. It's just the mistakes we make are, yeah, tough to swallow.

Q. Following that you say it's tough to swallow and you keep fighting back, do you worry that starts to work on the psyche of the team?
JESSE MARSCH: Oh, yeah, of course. You could say that game after game. But these guys show up game after game. Game after game they show up and they play, and they give everything they have and empty the tank. That's why I say you have to admire them. You have to, right? It's just I'm trying to figure out ways to help them be rewarded for all of the good things that they put into it. So ultimately, that's my task right now. Got to find a way to empower them to success, yeah.

Q. Coming into the dressing room after that game, do the players immediately… are they scoreboard watching and does the Montreal loss take any of the sting out of this?
JESSE MARSCH: No. It obviously is going to help us on the table, but like I said, we're our own worst enemies. So we don't really need to look at the table. I know all the results helped us, really. But I felt that that was going to be the case going in. But ultimately, we've got to take care of our business, and we're right now not doing a good enough job on that.

Q. I know it's going to be lost a little bit in terms of the way the match was played out…

Q. Yeah, Tyler Adams, and also maybe some of the physical confrontations and the little interactions with Ben Olsen every once in a while?
JESSE MARSCH: Amazing, amazing, amazing. Tyler Adams, amazing. Gets better every game, growing every game. What a pleasure to watch him. What a pleasure to coach him. Big-time player, amazing, amazing. Took the team on his shoulders.

Q. You made a double substitution fairly early in the second half, and Bradley Wright-Phillips almost played in a number six role as well. Did you think the substitutions had the desired effect especially with Gonzalo's play?
JESSE MARSCH: Yeah, obviously Gonzalo is good off the bench and against the entire back line, he can be very effective. We felt like making the double sub to try to now see if we could get more guys on the field that were going to run and put their defense on their heels. Thought it was effective. Thought it really helped us gain control of the game.

The second goal -- the first goal is against the run of play, the second goal is against the run of play, and the third goal comes out of nowhere. So, yeah, but Gonzalo clearly has been a mainly impact off the bench lately, so that's a great thing to see.

Q. Continuing with the idea of the substitutions, how did you feel about how Royer came in today? This is his first game back and everyone was excited to see him. What did you think, is he really there with you? Is there still more to work on?
JESSE MARSCH: He's got to get up to full fitness and everything, but he's back. Was excited to get him back in the game. I think a high probability that he starts on Saturday, so it's no time like the present. We need Danny. We need Danny now, so it's good to have him back. That is a big positive.

Tyler is a positive. Gonzalo is a positive, Danny is a big positive. The will of the team is a big positive. Really the only negative is that we just can't seem to reward ourselves.