PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesse Marsch | 10/25/17

New York Red Bulls Head Coach Jesse Marsch

On the importance of the quick goals

"It certainly helped. We know that a good start was going to be important. We knew that Chicago is very good when they score first, and not very good when they concede first. We knew that was going to be vital and our team was ready. I could sense it. I could sense that our team was ready to go. I could see the confidence in the group, I could see the clarity so I was excited to see it but I wasn't surprised. I thought we had to manage certain parts of the game and we survived moments in the beginning of the second half but then we knew then if we could find a way to be dangerous and create a third that means the game would be done. We hung on and we did that and obviously a big victory for our team, our club, and I am very happy for our guys."

On the play of Tyler Adams
"Yeah, I feel like I talk about Tyler a lot these days. We see him maturing, growing up, developing right before our eyes. It's a source of pride for everyone on the team, and our belief in Tyler is at the highest level. I thought he dominated that wing, he covered ground, he was dangerous moving forward, he won all his duels, aerial duels, battles, foot races, tackles, he was sharp on the ball, he was fantastic. It was a big night for him and I think he has so much energy in the game that our team feeds off of it. It's really good for him."

On playing and betting on young players

"Well, it's our way. It doesn't necessarily make it the right way, it's just our way. This is what we believe in. It's widespread, it's not just New York Red Bulls, it's not just me.  It's how we all think about the game together. We haven't really achieved anything yet. I don't want to talk about validation or anything. There's a lot more work to be done. It's a big win and we feel really good about it, but we have to really quickly switch our brains and minds and look forward to Toronto and make sure we're ready for an incredibly tough series against one of the best teams in MLS history. We believe in what we do, we believe in who we are, but it's not time to start congratulating ourselves that's for sure."

On getting first two goals from the leaders of the team and setting the tone:

"Sacha and Bradley are massive for our team in the attacking part of the field. Their savviness, their ease, their cleverness, their lethal ability to play around the goal, their leadership, in all of those ways it's the cornerstone of what we do. So obviously we get on the board early and it gets us going, it reminds me a little bit of the Supporters’ Shield we had here. In that game we couldn't get a third goal and we had to hang on at the end. I made an emphasis on being very disciplined and organized in the second half and as they were going to continue to push, the third and fourth goal would come. But Luis had to make a big save, and a bunch of big plays. We had a leader on the other end that stepped up to help us make sure we keep a clean sheet. Those guys have grown into incredible leaders, and incredible men. They certainly are a big piece and they really lead what we do. I'm lucky to have the guys like that. It's a pleasure to coach them. They want it as much as any player that I've ever seen."

On whether resting starters over the weekend helped or it was their mentality:

"It probably was a little bit of a factor. You could say at the end we still had some legs, and maybe they didn't. To get out on the early lead was about mentality and approach and our guys were fearless, they were aggressive, they didn't worry if plays weren't going to go their way, there was a confidence on the field. It’s a quiet calmness with this group that I think is palpable. I just have to continue to find a way to enforce things and stay out of the way. So that will be my goal going forward."

On how important it is to start at home versus Toronto:

"In the playoffs, in my years here, we've always been the higher seed, so we go on the road first. We will get to try it this way. You can make an argument that having the home game first sets the tone for the series. So it's time to put our money where our mouth is. Toronto is a very good team and the reason why we haven't beaten them is because they're a very good team. They played very well against us at Red Bull Arena, we were lucky to get out of there with a draw. Up in Toronto I thought we played well, but we were a little bit unlucky to give up two late goals the way we did. We know them well. We respect them massively. I think Vanney has done a great job, and obviously DPs dictate everything they do. I think Michael Bradley is the MVP of the league this year. It will be an incredibly big challenge but one that I know we will be up for. One that we will be excited for and we’ll be ready to go."