2018 Preseason Marc Rzatkowski
Andrew Vazzano

Marc Rzatkowski Ready to Compete Outside of Training

Training has to be tough, but training with the New York Red Bulls is a special kind of challenge.

“Yeah, I think it has to be tough, because everyone is improving to their best level," Rzatkowski said. "It is not easy training but it can not be easy because it has to be hard training to have a really good season.”

Rzatkowski is already fitting in well with the group, according to Head Coach Jesse Marsch, despite joining the team recently. 

"He brings football," Marsch said. "He understands our philosophy. We’re all really excited to have Marc here, to have him on the field full time. It’s a good thing for us. He will get better and better, and the team will get better and better."

Rzatkowski joined the New York Red Bulls on a one-year loan from Red Bull Salzburg, which gives him a special advantage in understanding the similar type of soccer that the two teams employ.

"It is very dynamic and a lot of counter pressing," Rzatkowski said. "I like to play it.”

The German midfielder said he's looking forward to hitting the pitch with his team in their final preseason tuneups before departing for Costa Rica, by way of Houston, to take on Club Deportivo Olimpia in the Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League.

“I am definitely ready for it and I think everyone wants to play, so it is nice to compete outside of training," Rzatkowski said. "But, like I said before, we have to train hard and I am looking forward to playing some games and make some good moments.”