ON THE RECORD: Bradley Wright-Phillips | 03/12/18

On the team’s mentality going into their match against Tijuana:
“I think the guys know that it’s going to be even tougher. If I was playing on that team I’d come here with nothing to lose and try to get some goals. We’ve got to prepare for that. We’ve got to deal with what the first half is going to be like. It’s probably going to be frantic, you know? We’re going to have to ride that wave and just see it out. We’re in a good position but we’re expecting it to be a very tough game.”
On team’s approach to the second leg:
“You don’t want to sit and absorb. I think you’ve got to see how the game is played. We’re not built to sit back and just chill out. We’re going to make it hard for them. We’re at home. We’re normally good at home. I think the pressure is kind of on them. It’s not really on us. The pressure is on them so we’ve just got to play our game.”