NYRB II goalkeeper Evan Louro

Evan, big win, made a couple of saves, talk about the team’s performance.

“We knew that coming in with a lot of new guys that it wasn’t going to be perfect, and were going to have some hiccups. My job being as a goalkeeper is in that one moment, can I help my team win and give us the chance. My teammates covered me, we all covered each other and second half was a lot better. We brighten some things up and we got out with a good result, so all good.”

What went through your mind against Spencer in the PK?

“Especially for a keeper, it’s not just about making saves, you got to help your defenders, tell them here to be, tell them to tell others where to be, making sure all the details are button up. As for the PK, for me, I go with my gut. If I see something that will give me the inclination that he is going one way, I’m just going to trust it and hope for the best and luckily it worked out today.”

Four of the new players made their start today, what did you think about their performance?

“Those guys were great. A lot of the guys that we signed in the off-season have been around the club either in 23s or in the academy, so its kind of a seamless transition. It’s going to take time playing with the other new players that they haven’t played with yet, but I think they were great and those that came off the bench did great and helped us get the win.”

Was there a concern for the defensive early in the game?

“For me personally, there wasn’t. Like I said, we knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, they knew I had their back, and I knew they had my back so all good.”