POSTGAME REACTION: Jesse Marsch | 03/17/18

New York Red Bulls Head Coach Jesse Marsch 

Overall thoughts:

“Overall, not a great performance. It’s partly the altitude, the adding up of a lot of games that has led to us not really performing the way we wanted. Those are excuses though and we have to make sure we learn from this. A little bit of a step backwards but I told the team this is normal in the process of a season.”

On the penalty:

“I thought [Carlos] Rivas was maybe grabbing Horst a little bit too much but I don’t know it is always hard to tell with VAR and what they’re thinking. You’d like to think they can get it right when they have VAR but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen it so I have to take their word for it.”

On the weather affecting the team:

“Maybe, it could have been the altitude, all the minutes, the travel. Clearly not what we wanted but that being said we didn’t give that much away, the game was still there for us to find a chance and maybe get out of here with a draw.”

On moving forward:

“The guys need some time off so we’ll have a couple days off to recoup. Some guys go away on international break. It’s been a crazy start to the year. It’s been a good start for us but we can’t feel good about ourselves we have to stay focused. That’s why I could kind of see this coming. The important part is to learn from it. We’ll look at video. We just had a hard talk with ourselves after the game, we were very straight with each other and said that it wasn’t good enough. Part of it is incorporating new guys. The only way to get new guys into speed is to put them into games and give them the chance to learn, make mistakes, and have successes.”