ON THE RECORD: Connor Lade | 03/22/18

Turning it around after the 1-0 RSL loss (0:00 – 0:38)

“I think we are a little disappointed with our play against Salt Lake because we really did not look like us. We weren’t really happy the way we came out and kind of playing with the ball and not playing against the ball and not doing the things that make us good. So, we are working really hard this week, going over video and get back to what makes us good and we are feeling really confident going into this game. We know that Minnesota is going to be another tough game because they have looked really good this year, they have a lot of good guys and we know it is going to be a tough game.”

New York’s team depth this year (1:09 – 1:55)

“We feel very confident in our squad. Obviously we were on the end of a good result against Portland and then not so good one this weekend so it was almost good to have a result like that to not get too complacent and making sure that you are putting in the work everyday and to know that every game is going to be a challenge. So we are very confident in the depth that we built this year and we know that whenever these guys step out onto the field every one is going to go after it and it is going to be a seamless transition.”