POSTGAME REACTION: Luis Robles | 03/24/18

New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luis Robles

Before the game, Jesse challenges us to rectified some of the mistakes that we made at Salt Lake. I think Tim Parker during the week when we did video made a great point, it’s not enough to come out to the game and because we’re acquaint to the quality that we have in the field and think that we are going to score goals, that we are going to create chances, and Jesse ripped us a new one at half time and after the game against Salt Lake because that’s the sort of mindset that we had, maybe we were feeling ourselves too much after the CCL run and with the season starting because there is so much quality in this locker room that we’re going to step in the field and make magic happen and as you can see at Salt Lake, that didn’t happen, so for us the big challenge was our mentality and how we’re going to come out to sort of right those wrongs, and from the very beginning, it was this idea that we weren’t going to give up anything and we are going to score goals. And even after scoring goals, we’re going to score more goals and we aren’t going to give up anything, and so there was a reward for the shutout and we got to celebrate that but most important, we got the three points.

On the Red Bulls Defense:

So defensively, we’ve been good so far, and part of that has to do with the training at ten, part of that has to do that we have good guys. Kyle Duncan is coming to camp and has shown his value right off the bat, and we knew that especially dealing with the international absences with Kemar, Fidel, Amir, of [Tyler], that we are going to have to deal with rotation and to have a guy like Duncan that came through the academy and has a lot of football in him to step up the way he has amazing. And of course, you look across the back line, Aaron Long; he’s been a revelation at center back and continues to be one of our big guys and we count on him in a massive way, and Connor Lade, Connor is the best teammate I have ever had. The way he goes about his business, he is very professional, he is very humble and you put him at any spot, it doesn’t matter, he is willing to give it his all and that sort of mentality and attitude is infectious and it’s permeated this entire locker room and I hope that he young guys see how he goes about his business, because I know that since I have been here since 2012, there has been long stretches that Connor has been fantastic, and then there have been stretches that he hasn’t been on the field and yet he’s been professionally the entire time. He’s been an excellent teammate, he’s the type of guy that encourages guys, and wants to see guys succeed, and I know that not only as a friend but also as a fan of Connor Lade, I want to see him succeed. And the way that he comes onto the field and plays has been excellent. So, it’s not just the guys in the back but also in the front. I think Jesse should go to sleep every night thanking God for a Bradley Wright-Phillips, because not only does the guys score goals but sets up defensively our mentality, he pushes, he presses… It’s amazing how many goals this guy’s scores, no matter how many good performances he has, I think that he is still underrated in the league and he is under appreciative, but not here, not in this organization. We know that everything we do starts with Brad, and I can’t speak enough about him and Connor.