POSTGAME REACTION: Tim Parker | 04/10/18

New York Red Bulls defender Tim Parker 

On the team’s defensive performance and multiple chances in the final third:
“I think that’s exactly how we wanted this game to go. We wanted to completely run the show and defensively we were sound, like you said. We gave away one shot, that’s really good. Offensively, we created chances. Sometimes, it’s just not your day.”
On what the team can take away and build upon from this loss:
“I think it’s got to create hunger. I think the opportunity to win a trophy earlier on in the year in a competition like this is great. I think it creates hunger for the guys and a lot of guys are disappointed that we didn’t get to move on. Obviously, you’ve got to take this with a grain of salt and move forward and look forward to MLS play. We’ve got a long season ahead of us there and, obviously, we want to win stuff there as well.”


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