POSTGAME REACTION: Florian Valot | 04/14/18

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Florian Valot

On his partnership with Bradley Wright-Phillips:
“It’s really easy to play with him. He makes great runs, you just have to see it, and as soon as he’s on the move it’s just like, ball into space and he just finishes. He makes the play really easy.”

On how comfortable he feels with his playing time:
“It’s big to have a coach’s confidence and also the players’. I’ve been feeling that confidence over the past weeks – months now. All the credit goes to my teammates and the coaching staff. Without them, I wouldn’t be 

On his confidence in the team’s midfield, especially when paired with Kaku:
“We have good midfielders; Danny, Gamarra, even the guys on the bench Alex, Vince, Marc. We have a good team of players. We’re going to feed Brad because we know he’s a goal scorer and we’re going to make the play easy for him.”