USL Postgame Reaction: John Wolyniec | 4/14/18

Talk to us about the first clean sheet of the season. You must be really pleased having seen your team win, 5-0.

That’s probably the biggest part - that we took a good team at home and got a zero. That’s the biggest part for me. The way we play, we tend to add on, that part for me is obviously good, but most importantly is getting a clean sheet at home against a really good team with a lot of good attacking players. That’s a big step for us and we should feel really good about it and be really proud about it, but the job is not done, it’s still early in the season, still have a lot of games to go.”

What is it about playing here and adding on to the second half having scored four goals?

I think it’s a couple of things. One is the style, the style of play we have. Most teams won’t be as aggressive to continue adding on to the scoreboard after winning at home. We’ve seen it before, but it also speaks about our guys and how we keep going. I try to tell them that the score means nothing, that no matter what point we are in the game, we are going to continue pushing to continue getting better at developing. It’s not so much important what the score is at the end of the game, but that we put everything in the game so we can get better.”

Overall, from your perspective, is the team coming together? Do you feel like the team is slowly coming together the way you wanted it?

Yes, for sure. Always little things to work on, but I am not satisfied until all these guys get in the first team, so it’s nice to get wins, and to be good at home and get shutouts. That is certainly important and again, we should take pride in that stuff and be happy with the things we’ve done. I think early on it speaks to some of our depth and that we have good players and a roster that I had a lot of trouble deciding who would be in the eighteen this week. I had a lot of trouble deciding who would start, start at center back, it’s just not easy, it’s stressful, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Starting in the off-season, your dream is to put together a team that you can’t decide who to play because everyone is good, contributing, working hard. Credit to our guys, even the guys off the field, everyone is pushing each other which is good.”



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