POSTGAME REACTION: Jesse Marsch | 04/28/18

On getting a win on the road:
"I think to get the 2-0 lead was really good then we had to take some pressure and you have to expect the home team to throw a lot at you. I thought we could have managed mistakes in there a little bit and now when they were throwing things at us we managed the moment a little bit better but the best part of the night was that at 2-2 that is when we played our best. We didn't waver, we went after the game with a young team to show that kind of character and maturity I think it says a lot about our group. I am proud of them for the response and a really but three points for us on the road."
On giving up two goals:
"Some of it was our inability to manage turnovers and little mental errors and a set piece goal on the second one but that is one of the things about coaching young players is you have to sort of live with certain things sometimes. It doesn't make it easy on the bench but again if in the end it led to us showing more character in a big moment then I think in the end it ends up being a positive so we'll look a little bit at how we can understand how to manage things on the road, how to manage a good team when they are throwing things at us. I take away a big positive watching them really respond at 2-2."
On having VAR go their way tonight:
"I am used to not getting VAR so it was nice to get it. I don't know enough about what happened so it is hard to make any comments on it. Overall I thought the referee did a nice job with the day with the night. I'll know more once I look at the video and see how close plays were. You would hope that they got them right and that it is nice to have it work in our favor."