PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesse Marsch | 05/20/18

New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch

On tonight’s match:

“A difficult game, an emotional game, a fast game. I advertised it to our team before the game as a heavyweight fight and that there were going to be punches thrown. Both sides. We had to be prepared to take punches at times, but we had to be prepared that when we had chances to really deliver some punches, some knockouts, that we were ready. That winds up showing up in ways where we were able to finish some plays off, but it also shows up in that we are able to defend some moments. That would include Ryan Meara. Ryan made some big saves for us. We all know he is a great goalkeeper. It’s one of the hardest jobs in this league to play behind Luis Robles because he is so reliable, he is so good and he is so ready for every match. But we have known the whole time that Ryan is still a really good goalie and an important guy around here. He showed it last year in the Open Cup run, and he showed it again today. Whenever you see a guy like that get a moment and a chance to show what he is all about in a big game, you get really happy for him. The whole team gave him a standing ovation in the locker room, so that was really good.”

On the discussion at halftime:

“The discussion at halftime was that it was a good game. We tried to make a couple of adjustments tactically because they were putting a lot of guys on our backline and they were rotating (Miguel) Almirón, (Ezequiel) Barco and (Darlington) Nagbe. In a lot of ways, they were trying to get Almirón away from Tyler Adams, so we were trying to then talk about what kind of rotations we would want to make, how we would want to step to deal with certain moments. So, I think that was important. Then, the other thing we said was, once we won the ball, we were going for the final ball too much. Once we had a guy run and their line would back up and then we would have moments to put the second pass that would lead to the third and the fourth pass, and that was how we should think about being dangerous. Ultimately, we wound up getting the two goals in that manner. I thought the adjustments made at half were good and I thought overall we had good performances all across. A bunch of guys emptying the tank. Very clear on what their roles were and the tactics and the gameplan. Very good execution and some really good play from our team.”

On the atmosphere:

“It’s awesome. Coming down here to play in front of that crowd, in this stadium – awesome. What a fun moment for this team and for any team who gets to come play here. What a fun game this is. And I think that a lot of these moments, in the years that I have been here, have brought out the best in our team, and no doubt that they did tonight.”

On Josef Martinez’s overturned goal:

“Clearly it affects the game, but the point of VAR is to make sure that we get the most important plays in the game correct. So, I felt live that it was a foul. I thought that the referee could have called it a foul. He clearly, I thought, clipped him and tried to use his strength to knock him over, and that ultimately let him in on the goal. I think the VAR got it right. I thought the VAR, and I would have to go look at it again, but I thought the breakaway with (Florian) Valot should have been a red card. He was in on goal and he is the last man. That’s denying a goal-scoring opportunity. For me, that was obvious. But that one didn’t go our way. Then, I don’t know how much the VAR was involved in (Greg) Garza’s red card, but I think that was a red card. Overall, I like VAR, but you know it is in the balance sometimes. Because you are just watching it live and you can’t see all of the details, you never know what you are going to get. But for the most part, if we go back through our time, most of VAR that we have had has been right. They have gotten the call correct, even in the smallest of margins.”