POSTGAME REACTION: Jesse Marsch | 06/02/18

On if the team did enough to get a point:

Coach Marsch: “I think just not good enough. We were pretty honest with ourselves after the game, not enough good performances. Not enough desire on the field to take care of the game. Not enough sharpness to create chances. Then, it winds up that when you play against a combative team that you’re not rewarding yourself for creating little moments, because you’re just not able to be sharp. I don’t think we got enough out of our pressing and counter-pressing. I don’t think we got enough out of our play with the ball. I don’t think we got enough out of our game plan. I don’t think we did well on set pieces. We gave up two goals off of throw-ins – one at the end of the half. In a lot of ways, just short. Just short in a lot of areas. If you combine that with not having good performances, then you’re going to probably be on the wrong end of the result.”

On if the starting lineup had enough pieces to contend with the Revs:

Coach Marsch: “They’ve [the Revolution] had a tough week. They’ve had to dig in. They got two draws, and so it meant a lot for them to make sure to squeeze everything out of this game, and they played with a little bit of desperation, a little bit of edge, and we didn’t. We played like we just thought we were going to be able to take care of the game, and in some ways, maybe that early goal fed to that. Again, we had an honest conversation with ourselves to make sure that we don’t listen to the talk that’s out there. We don’t watch the power rankings. We don’t start thinking that we are better than we are, because that’s the way to put a big halt into the progress that’s being made within our season. It’s normal that you have a game where you’re not at your best, but we have to make sure that this is not a habit and that we learn from it and that we grow from it.”

On if his frustration stems from his own team’s efforts:

Coach Marsch: “Yeah, giving them throw-ins, giving them set pieces. I mean, inviting them into our box too much, and then losing little duels and battles that lead to dangerous moments in the box. And then on the flipside, our attacking players didn’t do enough to make it hard on their defenders and win little edges and little duels and little battles, and wrestling matches, and footraces. The ball kept coming, they keep pressing us, they keep coming at us, and they keep putting the ball forward. We don’t do well enough, and they do better and they want it more, and so then it leads to the ball being around our box more, and then ultimately to two goals off of throw-ins.”

On the tough upcoming schedule for the Red Bulls:

Coach Marsch: “It doesn’t get easier. It gets tougher. We know that. We knew that going into this two-week-stretch that it was going to be very difficult. We got to call on a lot of different guys to be prepared, and be ready to go and have better performances. Not a good start to the four-game-stretch, but we’ll find a way to learn from it and get better and be ready for Wednesday – a big Open Cup match against New York City.