POSTGAME REACTION: Ryan Meara | 06/02/18

On if he felt he kept the team in the game during the first half:
Meara: “I think this game turned out to be exactly what we had prepared for. Coming up here, through the years, it’s always a hard game up here. They are a good, strong, combative team and they’re in a good way so far this season. So tonight was exactly what we expected, and I thought even though they probably had more chances than us in the first half and the ball was in our defensive half for most of the first half, I thought we had weathered the storm. Obviously, they get that goal right before halftime, that deflates us, but even still in the second half I thought we came out okay. There were just a couple plays, a couple moments that got away from us. I’d say they [the Revolution] deserved to come out 2-1 winners tonight. We weren’t fully deserving of it.”

On if New England deserves credit for disrupting New York’s game plan:
Meara: “It seemed like in the attacking third, we just couldn’t really put enough plays together to really be dangerous and to put their back four on their toes enough. It’s a big week for us. Tonight is disappointing, but it’s onto Wednesday against NYC. We want to make another run in the Open Cup.”

On if last year’s Open Cup run plays into the equation for this year:
Meara: “I think we can take a lot from that run. Obviously, we want to do that again, but we know it’s one game at a time. You look at that run last year and I think each game was decided by one goal if I’m not mistaken. So, we want to make that run again, but we know it starts Wednesday, and you’re only as good as the game in front of you. We hope to get off to a good start on Wednesday and just take it from there.”

On how much more comfortable he’s feeling in net:
Meara: “For me, for anyone, the more games you play the more comfortable you feel in your position. I think each game I’ve gotten more comfortable with the goalkeeper-to-back-four relationship and that’s huge for a team. Tonight, we had a couple of breakdowns. They made us pay, but I think overall we’re headed in the right direction.”