ON THE RECORD: Bradley Wright-Phillips | 06/07/18

How prepared are you to face this Columbus side that looks very solid at home?

Yeah, you know Columbus has always been one of those teams that cause the most problems. You know the way we like to play and the way they like to play, they’re a very good team and you know they cause problems for the best teams in this league, and it’s going to be no different for us come the weekend, but we have a game plan and something we can take up there to get a good road result.

You looked good in training, you had the night off against NYCFC, do you feel refreshed?

Yeah, it was good, I went to watch a nice match yesterday. New York Red Bulls played, the other team, they got some good youngsters and won 4-0, it was a good game.

Thoughts on facing ex-New York Red Bulls player, Mike Grella?

Yeah, Mike was that, before football, he’s a great guy, one of my close friends. Yeah, Mike was the guy that brought magic to our team, and he’s doing the same for them. I’m happy to see him playing, he had a tough time before he left, and I’m just happy to see him back out there enjoying his football, but it’d be good to see Mike, but we treat him like the rest of the league when we get up there.

Columbus is having a great season, what have you seen of them that you’re looking forward to?

Yeah, they obviously got strikers scoring goals right now in Zardes and not much has changed, they’ve always been a dangerous team. They pass the ball well, and it’s tough to play against them. This year is working out for them so far this season, but I’ve always been a fan of how they play, it’s nice to watch them. Yeah, it’d be a good game.

For a striker like yourself, what do you need to beat Zack Steffen [Columbus Crew goalkeeper]?

Yeah, he seems like he’s, I don’t really watch goalkeeper’s performances, too, much because I don’t know what I’m talking about really when it comes to judging them, but he’s obviously doing very well, but I don’t think he’ll be nil, he won’t be nil, I’m sure there’s still a way so that could be good news for me, no disrespect to the other keeper.