POSTGAME REACTION: Luis Robles | 06/13/18

Frustration over late goal?

LUIS ROBLES: The emotion is good, it just shows the guys care and we’re about the result but also about how we go about it, the details and when we take a step back and we realize we played four games in eleven games and we have one more in less than 72 hours, for us to get the results we have is quite positive. Were there some moments in the game that we liked to be better, absolutely. But this team has yet to put a perfect game, it’s with that mentality where guys continue to care about the details and I think that’s going to push us forward. Even though we got the result, there’s things we still see we can be better. As long as we have humility and the sense of wanting to improve all the time, I think it’s going to get us closer to where we want to be.

What did you think of Ethan Kutler? (First career MLS start)

LUIS ROBLES: Yeah, he’s been great. It’s not just Ethan, it’s pretty much anyone who’s number has been called upon this season. I remember in years past when we had to do stretches like we are doing now, we just, oh no, who’s going to step up? Are they going to be able to do this? Question or doubt thing, right now no matter who Jesse puts in, because the clarity that he’s instilled in this group and of course the confidence exudes in this group and we feel we’re going to get the result no matter who he puts in.

Does it amaze you how these USL players are up to speed to MLS play?

LUIS ROBLES : Of course, there’s definitely going to be a bit of chasm between USL and MLS and yet because of the way that there’s integration with an organization from the talk down to the way that we want to play, the players that have been working forward, the system that’s been instilled for the last few years, I think it actually helps them out. There’s so many thing going on in a game, a million miles a minute and yet because of the way that the game plan is so clear and the tactics goes according to the coaching staff and the way that the organizations found a way to be seen is what welcomes integration.