Robles Floored Surprise
Ben Solomon/New York Red Bulls

Robles 'Floored' by Postgame Surprise

Following Saturday’s match, New York Red Bulls captain and goalkeeper Luis Robles, who made six saves in the 3-0 win, found himself guided over to a capo stand in the South Ward.

Standing atop the perch was his brother Angel Robles, a U.S. Army Major returning from his deployment in Afghanistan.

“I had no idea," Luis Robles said. "When I saw my brother, I was in shock more than anything, maybe a little confused. To see him at the stadium, and the way that the organization did it was truly amazing.”

Robles, who stands as the clubs all-time leader in appearances, credited the club’s culture for making this come to fruition.

“The way that this organization has embraced me and my family is truly amazing,” Robles said. “To set something up like they did today, speaks to the leadership, to Marc de Grandpre [New York Red Bulls General Manager], to all the people that work for him, and how special it is to play for this organization. I was absolutely floored, I’m still floored, I’m just glad I can spend the rest of the weekend with my brother."