USL Postgame Reaction: Ibrahim Sekagya | 7/6/18

New York Red Bulls II Assistant Coach Ibrahim Sekagya

Q. Impressions on the game…

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: We talked to the guys before the game that we need to look like us. That’s the thing we were lacking in the games we played like the game in Louisville. I think the second half was us, as our style and you can see if we are playing as we are exactly doing our  small details every time we are a team they can’t handle and today all the guys showed it and we are like Red Bull who is pressing the ball forward and we had as you see it, the goals we had today was from testing our boys.

Q. Which goal was your favorite?

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: You can pick either one. I think the Ethan you can see is much neat because we on the bench we see everyone sees he’s going to hit it and we’re like shouting to him, “You can hit good balls, Ethan!” I think that one is my favorite.

Q. Being that you finished your career playing the Red Bulls’ system, how easy is it for you to relay the system to them?

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: I think that’s the thing we been, I think all the young players, now we have new young players, the more you give them the details the more they acquit our style.

You have to believe in it, I think the guys they are believing what we are doing and you can see, if you believe it just comes quickly.  

Q. How impressed were you today with the midfield, Casseres and Lema?

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: Yeah, those are the two guys which are the most important in our team like Casseres and Lema. Today they played fantastic game. You can see them in the position well, they face forward, they play forward, they come press, and I think we knew what Atlanta wanted to do to us. They wanted to play in those areas where are 6’s are moving but for the two of them we knew exactly what they have to do, that’s why the game went like that.

Q. At Louisville’s second half the confidence came back and that transpired into today, correct?

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: Yeah, that’s the thing also. In Louisville when we finished in halftime, it was not a bad first half but we like a little bit of reaction of counter pressing of how we do our things. I think in the second we changed everything, we are so unlucky so that we didn’t get the three points at the end, but I think if we stay like that like today’s game I think it will be hard for other teams to beat us.

Q. Thoughts on Jesse Marsch and on Chris Armas now taking over?

IBRAHIM SEKAGYA: Yeah, I know everyone knows Jesse has been here for three and a half years, I think everyone wishes him well where he is going, but I think the people staying behind I think has been with him, the club, they trust him, or he knows our style. I think he will do a good job but that’s the thing which you can just be happy for Jesse to leave and go for another opportunity in his career, but I think the guys that stayed behind–James and Brad–I think the system is going to be the same thing.