USL Postgame Reaction: Amando Moreno | 7/6/18

New York Red Bulls II midfielder Amando Moreno

Talk about the match...

"Yea I think that’s what we need to keep going forward. Coming after the tie in Louisville, the loss that we had before that, I think this is something really good for the group, you know? Obviously I’m happy with my goals but I’m even more happier with the win and I think that if we keep our mentality how it is now I think we are going to keep getting wins."

Progression throughout season?

"Yea obviously at first it was a little hard especially the way we play with the pressing and the all tactics that we do, but I’m obviously getting used to it and I don’t think that it’s that much of a problem."

How'd you prepare for match after Louisville?

"It wasn’t exactly a good meeting that we had, but everyone kind of knew what we had to do. We never really got sad, we just kept going forward you know, even at training everyone was training well. It happens sometimes. Sometimes we forget what we need to do but obviously we came back with a new mentality and it showed obviously today."

Question on team's performance?

"I mean, you know, obviously every game that comes by we try to get a win you know, whether its 5-0 or 10-0 you know. Like I said before, you know, coming back from the tie in Louisville and the loss we had before, we just wanted to get ourselves on the right track."

How's player chemistry?

" Obviously Brian is a great player, you know. He holds it up well and I just try to read off of him.  Obviously like in training  we do a couple steps for training, we talk, you know, if I try to make this kind of run just play me here. So it’s absolutely really good with Brian."

Talk about your goal...

"Yea I think that the defender shouldn’t have touched it because the goalie obviously would have gotten it, but I was just prepared, you know, rebounds. And that’s what I do, you know, try to get the rebounds."