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Trust and Belief Act as Catalysts to Red Bulls Success

With the win against the New England Revolution on Saturday, the New York Red Bulls have won five of their last six league matches, and continue to battle for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

As the season progresses, the Red Bulls strong play on both offense and defense, can be attributed to the trust and belief in each other.

“I think it’s the chemistry and I think it’s the trust,” Tim Parker said. “We believe those guys are going to score goals and they believe that we’re going to put them in positions that one goal hopefully wins us the game.”

Parker also mentioned how the teams’ will to battle, regardless of things not always going as expected, is also a reason why the team has been so successful.

“I think just the willingness to continue to fight,” Parker said. “Against Kansas City obviously being down, and even against New England where the first half didn’t really go our way, or as we expected it, just trusting in the game plan and kind of having faith in the guys up front to put in goals and create chances, and then them having trust in us in the back to obviously give them those opportunities to help them win the game.”

Aurélien Collin, who came on as a sub for Aaron Long in the 65th minute of Saturdays’ match, talked about how the trust on defense especially, begins with Parker and Long.

“Aaron Long and Tim Parker showed us that they have a lot of trust with themselves,” Collin said. “The whole team feels it and trusts the defense and that’s why we’ve been really successful.”

The trust and belief translated onto the pitch against New England, which according to Head Coach Chris Armas was the teams’ best overall performance on defense.

“I would say that this last game was our best performance in terms of 90 minutes of individual and team defense,” Armas said. “Where you could see that there was so much of what we want to see that looks like a Red Bull team, stepping to plays, counter-pressing, compressing spaces. There was a real pride in the shutout, and on the night, we gave up one shot. You talk about their key players [Diego] Fagundez had zero shots, [Cristian] Penilla had one shot. They had the longest aerial percentage of the year and the lowest passing percentage of the year. In terms of really limiting what they tried to do, I think we did a really good job.”