ON THE RECORD: Sean Davis | 07/31/18

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Sean Davis

On coming off a loss and facing a team he’s never faced before...

“Yea I thought, looking back on the week, it was good we got 6 points. It’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to close out the week with a third win but all in all I think we need to move on now and we look forward to this LAFC team whose been very good this year. They have a lot of depth and they’re very dangerous going forward so we know it’s going to be a good match up.”

On playing against top teams...

“We’ve had some pretty big wins so far this season. It’s great to play another team that’s having a strong year. We know that with Bob Bradley they’re going to be a very organized team, a strong team, and like you said that brings the best out of us. So you know, I know our group will be up for it. We’re going to be very motivated especially at home with a weeks rest so we’re all looking forward to it.”

On what makes MLS teams with coaches like Bob Bradley so special

“We haven’t covered them much at all yet, to be honest with you. We’ll do so later in the week, we have a bit of time with the game on Sunday. Just knowing Bob Bradley being a mentor, for both Jesse and Chris, you know that he’s going to be on top of the details. His team is going to be organized they’re going to work hard and every guy is going to empty their tank for them. It’s never going to be an easy game against a team that he coaches so it’s similar to our approach as well.”

On preparing to play against talented defensive players...

Playing in the center midfield you know it’s important to watch, they have some really good midfielders like Benny Feilhaber and Lee Nguyen they’ve been very strong going forward. They’re very good on both sides of the ball so it’s important that we stay organized and stay tuned in and communicate a lot at all times.